Have you a question? Have you a contemporary conundrum that needs contemplating? Have you a dilemma that deems deconstruction? Well, worry no further.

You might, for example, want to know why the first paragraph to a contact page on a blog about modern life was written in such an antiquated style and I might, for example, tell you it was because I was on the pop last night and I am a bit sleepy.

If you want to ‘Ask Ben & Clare’ a question then please get in touch:

  • Drop us an e-mail at askbenandclare (at)
  • Or send us a tweet at either @benjaminjudge or @wordsnfixtures
  • Or write us a proper letter. That would be lovely. A proper letter. (I must point out though that we have no intention of telling you where either of us live so this may be the least productive way of getting in touch. Maybe stick to e-mail?)

Important Note One: We are looking to provide answers for questions about your exciting, modern lives: up-to-the-minute solutions to newfangled problems. We do not want to get involved with your, shall we say, ‘bedroom’ problems. Or your, shall we say, ‘bathroom’ problems. You might want a helping hand to guide you around the convoluted labyrinth that is life, and we want to provide that hand. Just don’t ask that hand to touch something that is where you think it shouldn’t be or isn’t where you think it should be and we will all get along famously.

Important Note Two: Any advice given on this website is made entirely for the purposes of light-hearted entertainment. We cannot, simply cannot, be held responsible for anything that occurs to you as a result of following our instructions to the letter. We would like to take this opportunity to pre-empt any future action taken against us for giving botched intelligence by making the following statement: We know people, and the people we know know some people, and believe me, you wouldn’t want to know those people.