Clare is older than the hills. Her vast experience includes editing Elle and being booked by the Hungarian police for driving offences. She is cycling proficient and owns six bikes. She can legally skipper a boat in European waters, has a motorbike licence and can ride a horse. She also bakes a mean lemon drizzle cake and is fluent in French. Her blog is Words & Fixtures.

Ben is not quite as young as he looks, knows a bit about cheese, and owns every single episode of Moonlighting on DVD. He spends a fair amount of his time guiltlessly scouring the bookshelves of charity shops for underpriced Ladybird books (his current record is 5p for The Story of Furniture in the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals: Caerphilly). He also writes a blog. It is called Who the Fudge is Benjamin Judge?.

Ben and Clare’s paths crossed in 2009, when they were both shortlisted in the glittering Manchester Blog Awards. Clare won her category but she still talks to Ben because he reads more books and is unfeasibly talented at pub quizzes. The idea for this collaboration grew from a mutual appreciation of each others’ work and the concept of taking up the position of agony aunts for a fanzine. They decided to write a blog instead, although they are open to worldwide syndication offers. The name ABC was borne out of their initials and has nothing to do with the 80s band, although Clare does know all the words to The Look Of Love and given a drink or two Ben will argue at length that Tears Are Not Enough is the pinnacle of human achievement.